TSX: ORL 2.84 | ASX: ORE 2.96





  • March 2017 initial 50% interest in Cauchari project
  • December 2017: Advantage increased interest to 75% in Cauchari project.
Phase 1
  • Complete 5 Rotary holes
Phases 2 & 3
  • 21 Diamond holes complete
  • Pumping tests on 7 holes
  • 2 long term 30 day pump tests
Expand Resource PEA
  • Resource Update Q2 ‘18
  • PEA completed in Q3
PFS Completed
  • Q4 2019 1.02Mt LCE 2P Reserve

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Accelerated Development Potential

Large, High-Quality Resource & 1.02Mt LCE Proven & Probable Reserve

Strategically located < 20km south of Orocobre’s producing plant

Major Growth Potential

Drill Plan


The above information may contain forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements address future events and conditions and therefore involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those currently anticipated in such statements. The Cauchari March 2019 resource estimate by Mr Frits Reidel of FloSolutions SpA has increased to a volume of approximately 1,800 million cubic metres of brine at an average concentration of 476 mg/l lithium, for 4.8 Mt of Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE) in the Measured and Indicated Categories and approximately 600 million cubic metres of brine at an average grade of 473 mg/l lithium for 1.5 Mt of LCE in the Inferred category. The brine resource is calculated over the western and eastern properties of the Cauchari project and covers an area of 117.7 km2. The resources have been broken into six different geological units which are classified between Measured, Indicated and Inferred resources, with the classification reflecting differences in the level of available sample information. The Archibarca Area (NW Sector) contains just above one 1 Mt Measured Resources at an average lithium concentration of 564 mg/l; the Clay and Halite units (in the SE Sector) contain 2.3 Mt of Measured and Indicated Resources with an average Li concentration of 481 mg/l and the Deep Sand (SE Sector) contains 0.4 Mt of Indicated resources at 500 mg/l lithium – with additional Inferred resources in this unit. The brine resource in the west extends from the brine level below the surficial gravels to a depth of over 400 m and is classified as Measured in the north in the Archibarca area and Indicated further south in the West Fan, with small volumes of Inferred resources in these areas. The Measured and Indicated Resources in the east extend from the phreatic brine level to a constant depth of 400 m in the Halite and Clay units. Indicated Resources in the Deep Sand unit extend to 500 m depth. Below these depths the resource is classified as Inferred, reaching a depth of up to 619 m. The Deep Sand unit remains open at depth. None of the drill holes completed to date have intercepted bedrock (basement) and the resource remains open at depth. The Preliminary Feasibility Study published on SEDAR in November 2019 was prepared by independent consultants FloSolutions and Worley whose Qualified Persons are Mr. Frits Reidel and Mr. Marek Dworzanowski respectively. Please refer to that study which has been referred to on this page.